I grew up as a third-culture kid in Dubai to an extra-loud Lebanese & Syrian family, moving back to the U.S. to study journalism & business at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm now in & out of Texas & the rest of the world, working as a freelance creative content producer. My worldview is heavily influenced by my eclectic background, & my work reveals just that––it's often recognizable by vibrant colors, unique people & some stamp of the Middle East. 

Things I like: All shades of lipstick, sunshine, film photography, olives, playlists, vacillating between sippin' on cold brew & an extra dirty martini, curly hair product review videos, the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, Pinterest moodboards, excessive amounts of jewelry 

What I did in my past life: Online content producer & project lead for the Austin American-Statesman, Writer for the Daily Dot, Photo Editor for ORANGE Magazine, Environmental Committee Director for H.E.A.T, Editorial intern at TRIBEZA Magazine, Social media & marketing intern at C3Nami, Creative Director for Women of Venus

And what I do now: Multimedia content creation, including conceptual photography, creative direction, social media copy, content planning, marketing strategy assistance, etc. See work here

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Photo by Kristen Hubby

Logos created by Noor Ghaith